Dear Auntie Kate:
I hardly think you've had this question.  I hope you may have some kind of advise or direction.  After you have read this, you will have a better understanding that "cousins" is as close as I could get. I am thirty years old and my half brother is Fouty-three.  We met for the first time five years ago and fell madly in love.  We have been together since and never been happier.  He and I live as husband and wife and all of our friends and some of our family know of our relationship and are fine with it.  My question to you is:  Are there any laws against this?  I have researched until my brain throbs and cannot find anything other than nonconsensual incest.  Is it bad if it is conceptual?  Please help me if you can.


Dear A,

I believe that you are in a technically incestuous relationship.  My
suggestion to you is to seek legal advice if you want to live together as
common law spouses or marry. There are property and estate implications that
you should understand.

Yes, there are laws against nonconsensual incest - as you know, but I
believe that if you are consenting adults there is no prohibition on simply
enjoying your relationship. Marriage may be somewhat different.

Now A, I don't know you or your other half. You do have a significant age
difference and perhaps a little relationship counseling wouldn't hurt.
Particularly if you don't feel that the relationship is one hundred and ten
percent healthy in an emotional sense.


PS From the technical editor:

It is my understanding that it is a felony in most states for sexual relations
among siblings, even if only half siblings. There are social and biblical
prohibitions against siblings. Without being judgmental, isn't some
prohibitions healthy? Isn't there a line somewhere? Clearly, everyone
will not agree exactly where that line should be drawn. and Auntie Kate are supported entirely by
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